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The Palm Beach Museum of Natural History does not participate in or condone the practice of selling original scientifically significant fossils. Our replicas are available to educational institutions as well as paleontological enthusiasts.


A series of digitally rendered dinosaur posters that depict the dinosaurs and their environments with stunning imagination and painstaking attention to the scientific record.

The posters are available in different sizes, in laminated and non-laminated versions. A special information card that tells the story of the dinosaurs depicted in the poster is also available.

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Our Paleontology Department is in South Dakota uncovering dinosaurs from June to August, 2012. Any orders for FOSSIL REPLICAS placed may be delayed until their return to the labs. All orders, no matter the size or quantity, will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Order now to insure timely delivery.

Orders for Prints, Posters, FAS Journals, etc. will not be affected by Expedition Dinosaur 2012.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are interested in obtaining a cast of a specific fossil, and do not see it in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us at (561) 729-4246. We are usually able to satisfy requests and make it easier for you to acquire the fossil replica you have been searching for.

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