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Goals and Objectives

The establishment of the Museum as a major community center featuring scientific research and exhibits and a broad range of public education programs, special events and activities.

The acquisition and construction of world class exhibits

The establishment of a professional scientific staff

An emphasis of nationally recognized scientific research programs

Curation of scientifically valuable specimens in our growing anthropological and paleontological research collections

Publication of new and innovative research from our Anthropology and Paleontolog departments in peer-reviewed journals.

Making our research discoveries available to researchers, institutions, and the public through:

- access to journal publications

- providing researchers access to our research collections

- providing, where applicable, photographs and replicas of

-public exhibition of traveling exhibits

-presenting at scientific conferences and public lectures

-public outreach programs

Affiliations with local and regional institutions of higher learning including colleges and universities. Such associations may include:

University and college faculty as Curators of our Natural History departments

Graduate Students as additional staff and student researchers

Degree granting programs in Museum Studies

Formal associations with adult and continuing education programs

Teacher Professional Development Programs





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