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Welcome to the Exhibits Department of the The Palm Beach Museum of Natural History! Currently the Museum maintains several Traveling Exhibits with additional exhibits now in the planning and design stages. You are invited here to take a virtual tour of our exhibits and to go behind the scenes to experience the process of exhibit construction literally "from the ground up." While it is the intention of the Museum to eventually bring all of our exhibits together under one roof you may see them now at the indicated locations and times.

The Exhibits

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Expedition Florida's First People

Expedition Florida's First People focuses on Florida's rich archaeological heritage with particular emphasis on the original inhabitants and cultural areas of the southern portions of the State. The exhibit makes use of artifacts from the South Florida Archaeological Collection and is supplemented with a variety of replicas, maps, illustrations, and diagrams. This exhibit is currently being revised for display.

Expedition Amazon

"'s hell all right but one kind of likes it."

Expedition Amazon Will present the story of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth century explorers of the "last blank spot on the map", South America's Amazon jungle. The exhibit will feature authentic field equipment from the period and cultural artifacts collected by our field teams in Ecuador and Venezuela. Supplemented by a variety of floral and faunal specimens, maps, and our own original photographs and observations of the indigenous people, the exhibit follows the adventures, hardships, triumphs, and disasters of men such as Theodore Roosevelt and Col. Percy Fawcett.

This exhibit is currently in development




Traveling Exhibits

Expedition Dinosaur


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Expedition Dinosaur

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Expedition Ice Age

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